Upholstery is what makes a pile of bricks into a home. Giving every room its' destined purpose in style. Every season a fitting mood. Breathing your sense of good taste and comfort in the pieces of furniture you chose to be a part of your life. So, let's do it right. Let's do it together. Let us wrap your personal space into a daily gift that truly makes you feel at home.

We specialize in the authentic upholstering and additional restoration of your cherished furniture. As part of our customer care service we'd be happy to pick up the piece in question. We'll be using the encounter to provide you with a sample of any of our fabrics for you to choose as the new cover. That way, with the fabrics, furniture, your taste and our expertise all in one place we'll be able to make a time efficient and satisfactory decision. No more than 3 weeks later you will have your reborn piece of furniture delivered back to where you want it to be. Ready for you to enjoy.

Besides the upholstering of your furniture, if need be, we will provide you with the same kind of quality custom made service for lamp shades, pillows, linen table cloths and any other item you feel needs recovering.