About us

Evert Groot - founder
Evert Groot, the Dutch founder of the well renowded high quality brand that Evert Groot, Etoffe Unique is today, is as unique as the many fine fabrics that bare his name. A slightly odd and rugged character breathing passion, personality and an undying hunger for perfection and customer satisfaction. Despite the continuous international expansion with customers and production plants in France, Belgium, Italy, Schotland. Evert can still be found running the company's little stand on the many local markets in his home country the Netherlands. The place where he started his career as a boy running errands for the traditional fabric traders. Letting every yard of their self produced cloths run through his fingers he stays in direct contact not only with those who enjoy his products but also with the place that sparked his passion.

Bas Wit – sales director worldwide
Bas Wit, the friendly and somewhat flamboyant communicator of this special duo. Bas and Evert met on a football pitch in 1989 and have since been best friends. Bas is a devoted lover of life. His relentless enthusiasm and broad spectrum of interests allows him to regulary inject the company with fascinating ideas. Creating new concepts and initiating inspiring collaborations with craftsmen all over the world who aspire the same level of timeless good taste and life long quality. Growing up with Evert has resulted in an indestructable friendship and mutual trust that is the basis of what makes Evert Groot, etoffe unique the grounded high end brand people have come to love...